The Gentleman’s Hanky

The Gentleman’s Hanky

Sink your nose into the satisfying softness that is Blowze Tissues. Each family sized box, an art-piece in its own right, is filled with 120 of the creamiest, silkiest, unscented 2-ply tissues you've ever had the pleasure of blowing.

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Blowze makes tissues you would steal from a hotel bathroom – if you weren’t already incredibly wealthy. That’s right; this paper doesn’t cost a lot of paper, but we know you wouldn’t be worried about that anyway. 

These tissues are for those with a sense of style and smell, like art collectors and scotch sommeliers. They’re made for highly-regarded, distinguished individuals such as yourself. Guests arriving at your next dinner party won’t be able to miss this fine installation once they’ve looked past your multiple crystal chandeliers and that authentic Rembrandt. (Not the one in the cigar room, the other one.)

Even those of us who get around on private jets have colds and allergies sometimes. So until we create the cure for everything, you’ll want to stock up on Blowze tissues.

We’re not going to tell you what to do, but would you really not listen to someone wearing a monocle and a pocket square? Think about it. This gentleman has your best interests in mind regarding runny noses and your offshore account balances. This is no gamble. Invest in your future today with Blowze luxury tissues.
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