The Purple Sneeze

The Purple Sneeze

Sink your nose into the satisfying softness that is Blowze Tissues. Each family sized box, an art-piece in its own right, is filled with 120 of the creamiest, silkiest, unscented 2-ply tissues you've ever had the pleasure of blowing.

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Blowze Tissues is here to get your life back together — whether you’re fighting a cold, chopping onions, breaking up with your boyfriend, or watching that rom-com where the main character is breaking up with her boyfriend while chopping onions. With a cold. 

The next time Jennifer Aniston has a minor misunderstanding that plays out across 90 minutes of high drama with an emotional turn of events that has you feeling all the feels, we’ve got you covered.

Yes, she could have asked clarifying questions, and he could have just not been a big, dumb idiot in the first place, but that’s how these stories go, right?

Whatever happens, we’re rooting for the character with a box of Blowze in their hands. That could be the protagonist or the quirky BFF. All that matters is that someone on screen is prepared to clear their sinuses with chic, literally mind-blowing tissues.

As the credits roll, you can look at this box and think, "Wow. Same, girl. I really didn’t think she’d get back with him either, especially after overhearing a few concerning seconds of one side of a phone call where he’s definitely shown to be a creep. But it does seem like things are turning around for her and for the tears streaming down my face. Thanks, Blowze!"

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