Tissue-Breathing Dragon

Tissue-Breathing Dragon

Sink your nose into the satisfying softness that is Blowze Tissues. Each family sized box, an art-piece in its own right, is filled with 120 of the creamiest, silkiest, unscented 2-ply tissues you've ever had the pleasure of blowing.

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Size: Small Pack- 6 Boxes
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Are you tired of using low-quality tissues that leave your nostrils feeling rough and scaly, like our dragonhide? Then you need to try our new line of high-quality tissues.

Other tissues can leave your nostrils feeling like you're a fire-breathing dragon. We’d imagine there are better ways to embrace your inner reptile. What if you could capture your flame to soar high above the clouds?

Don’t be the princess in distress, waiting to be rescued. Don’t even be the dragon-slaying knight in shining armor. All you need is a box of Blowze tissues.

It's not a fantasy — these tissues solve all those problems, and you’ll look like royalty doing it. So why settle for low-quality tissues that leave your nostrils feeling rough and uncomfortable? Upgrade to our high-quality tissues and experience luxurious comfort fit for any castle.

You'll have a better experience than a medieval king. They didn't even have paper tissues back then — certainly not the magnificence of Blowze. Did they just grab the nearest tapestry? Did they have a guy for that? Was it the jester?! This is all too much. Just get yourself a box from the Ye Olde Blowze Shoppe and let it all out like our tissue-breathing dragon.

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