Blowze Silent Sneeze

Blowze Silent Sneeze

Sink your nose into the satisfying softness that is Blowze Tissues. Each family sized box, an art-piece in its own right, is filled with 120 of the creamiest, silkiest, unscented 2-ply tissues you've ever had the pleasure of blowing.

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Size: Small Pack- 6 Boxes
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Your nose is tired, not just because it’s been running all day. It’s the tissues. Your tissues are boring. Do you know what’s not boring? Blowze tissues.

These tissues are sick, bro. And not that kind of sick. Though they are suitable for being sick, they are also “sick,”… if you know what we mean. If not, we will direct any further questions to your medical practitioner. We do tissues, not heart transplants. (Yet.)

It’s not like we can predict the future or anything, but there’s a good chance you’ll need to wipe something off your face at some point in the immediate future. If you're impressed by that, you could start calling us Nostril-damus.

We have another prediction: you’re going to stock up on Blowze tissues and experience undeniable relief the next time you’re feeling ill. Runny noses and allergies got nothing on our exciting tissues.

If you don’t believe us, consider this: Nostradamus predicted a new world order in 2023. He prophesied that we’d experience an "end of times" followed by a new beginning. If that doesn’t sound like Blowze helping you to get over a cold or survive seasonal allergies, we don’t know what to believe anymore.

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