Hello there.

We are Blowze.

What is Blowze, you ask?

Speak up; we're hard of hearing.

We are a startup, making the world a better place through the power of interesting tissues. For too long, humanity has suffered through tissues that are just plain boring.


We set out on our vision quest to change all that, and to bring humanity to its next phase of proboscal existence. 

All you interesting people now have the ability to prove your individuality and wokeness by just buying a single interesting box of tissues.


Please support our efforts, and you can truly change the world. Those points are unrelated.



This is a picture of some random guy we found on the internet.​

This is not our founder, or even our co-founder, who could not take the time to have a professional photograph taken.


They've been hard at work in the Ugandan tissue mines, and can't seem to be able to return any of our calls.


Hmm, starting to get worried, come to think of it. 

Anyway, this guy is way more photogenic. 

And he's got some sweet shoes.

Please enjoy looking at him. 


Kevin Garnett

Movie Star

"These tissues changed my life. Basketball is life."